Instant Pho

Essence of Pho 24, anytime, anywhere

  • Follow Pho24 restaurant recipe and ingredient
  • Best quality instant Pho
  • Taste of fresh Pho noodle
  • No deep fries, no trans fat
  • No artificial color
  • Manufacturing facility accredited by bsi. Food Safety Certification - FSSC 2000

Other instant noodles compared to Pho24 Instant Noodle

Other instant noodle

Pho24 Instant Noodle

Average 400 calories

Only 252 calories

Wheat based

Healthier rice based 

Deep fried noodle

Dried fresh noodle

No restaurant brand

Pho24 restaurant brand

No authenticity

Authentic Vietnamese dish


The Best Tasting Instant Pho!

People ask us how do we make our instant pho to be so delicious. It’s because we are the pho experts! As Vietnam’s leading pho restaurant chain we’ve always used the best quality ingredients to deliver the best tasting product – whether for dining in our pho shops, or for enjoying our instant pho at anywhere, anytime. We want you to have the best possible pho experience wherever you are.

Our instant pho noodle is freshly made and dried with zero preservatives and the same vegetables as served in our restaurants (only dried with zero preservatives).

So when you are craving for some pho anytime, anywhere just reach for INSTANT PHO24. At only 252 calories and made from rice based noodles (not deep fried wheat noodle), you’re also doing your waistline good.


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